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PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors, PADI certification

Go on a Honolulu scuba dive adventure with us and explore the shipwrecks of Hawaii. Daily boat charters morning and afternoon scuba diving Hawaii.

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We are sure you will enjoy diving Honolulu on the 40 foot custom catamaran, Kahala Kai. Some of the best Hawaii ocean activities are scuba diving Hawaii and exploring the sunken shipwrecks.

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Scuba dive Oahu and enjoy the abundant sealife and lush reefs of Hawaii. Close to Waikiki beach hotels, the dive sites are convient and exciting.

Shipwrecks in Hawaii.

Scuba diving in Honolulu is for everyone, even first time divers or advanced Hawaii scuba divers. PADI certification and scuba diving classes are available, check our home page for more information about scuba dive Oahu.

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dive shop Hawaii ~ Hawaii scuba diving videos
Shipwrecks in Hawaii ~ Open Water scuba instruction

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